Flower Pin Hat

A year ago my hair dresser gave me two skeins of the Deborah Norville Serenity Chunky yarn, one in Berry Burst and one in Candy Pink. So this year for Christmas, I used those skeins to make her present. When someone gifts me yarn, I always try to make them at least a little something with it to show my gratitude and give back a bit. This yarn was super hard to let go of though- it’s so soft and really easy to work with, I wanted to keep it for myself!

For the hat I used a pattern by Laura Diaz from Over The Apple Tree called V-Stitch Winter Beanie, which you can find HERE. Its a nice and simple pattern once you get used to how she words the spacing- I had to rip out the first few rows when I wasn’t getting the right amount of stitches at first. The majority of the hat is the Candy Pink color, with the Berry Burst at the bottom edge. I opted to wait to change color until the crab stitches in the last row and I’m happy with how it turned out. I also used a different hook size, because I don’t have an H hook and because an I hook looked better with the weight of the yarn I was using.

For the flower I used THIS pattern and more of the Berry Burst yarn, and again I used the I hook. It ended up being a bit more floppy than it looked in the picture, so I decided to sew the petals together in shape using invisible thread. I picked up the center pendant at Michaels, it was originally a necklace pendant so I used needle nose pliers to pop of the necklace loop and secured it to the flower with invisible thread (I hated it after I broke my sewing machine using it, but it’s actually very handy).  I hot-glued a pad with a pin onto the back of the flower and used that to attach it to the hat.

The hat worked up in a night and the entire flower process only took about an hour and a half (because I’m easily distracted).

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